The Restaurant’s Event

Through its restaurant, Kim built his restaurant like a real living space, consisting of culinary workshops and literary meetings about psychoanalysis’s theme.


L’Autre Page Reward

Every year, the association “L’Autre Page” meets at Kim’s restaurant to award the “L’Autre Page Prize”. This Prize consists in rewarding a literary work evoking psychoanalysis, like “Les mots pour le dire” written by Marie Cardinal or “Le Secret” by Philippe Grimbert. An event not to be missed!

The jury, is made up of members from “L’Autre Page”, exclusively psychoanalysts, and 20 other people representing a sample of the society. They will reward the publication, and the winner of this Award will be presented to the public.

During this cocktail ceremony, the Public and Press people will have the opportunity to discover the publication from where it emerges an approach to subjectivity, doing more analytical ethics, than the classical psychology.

L’Autre Page’s Ceremony, 3rd of November 2016

At Kim’s Restaurant, From 8p.m

8 bis rue Lebon 75017 Paris

Duck’s Liver Workshop

Each month of December, Kim is organizing a workshop to teach the art of making and cooking your own Duck’s Liver.

During this workshop of an hour and a half, a 500/600g of Duck’s liver will be given to you, in order to learn the essentials about how to cook it : How to choose a proper Duck’s Liver? How to devein it ? Wich garniture will perfectly match? Find answers about this recipe during this workshop!

At the end of this workshop, you will have your Duck’s Liver terrine in its porcelain and a product that will impress your family during the Christmas Eve!

Duck’s Liver Workshop, 20th and 21st of December 201, 7.30 p.m

Kim’s Restaurant

8 bis rue Lebon 75017 Paris

Rate, 90€ per person

Kim’s Restaurant

Adress : 8 bis, Rue Lebon 75017 Paris

Phone: 01 45 74 20 03

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