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The Tea Room

This Tea Room is a lovely place where you can share good moments, discoveries and cultures. Guests can enjoy a Mariage Frères tea or the “Magic” tea designed by Kim (Tea with honey, ginger, lemon juice and mignonette).

You can also read books about psychoanalysis or about countries around the world, by selecting a book in the Kim’s library to satisfy your thirst for reading.

Enjoy a quiet and friendly moment in a cozy place, with a charmy design. A soothing and warm place in which you will:

* Refreshed yourself with a drink or a special homemade tea,
* Enjoy homemade pastries.
* Simply pass a good time.

This Tea Room is thinked with the spirit of its owner: atypical.

The Tea Room is open from 3 p.m, to enjoy a peaceful moment around pastries or around the delicious “Magic” tea from Kim.


From Tuesday to Saturday (starts at 3 p.m).

8 bis rue Lebon 75017 Paris

After Work

The idea? Enjoy your time with an appetizer buffet during the evening, where you will have an enthusiastic discussion, in a friendly and cozy place with lovely people.

Famous for its delicious ravioli and revisited tapas, Kim will invite you to snack on savory or sweet “Tapas” to share with everyone, and you can enjoy those tastings around a delicate glass of wine.

During this warm moment, discover the restaurant environment by walking through the charming alleys of the Ternes’s Market.

Selection: grilled vegetable ravioli, beef seasoned tapas designed by Kim, zucchini pancakes, spring rolls with vegetables, small sweets “greedy” and many others ..

The restaurant is open every evening to enjoy this nice moment around tapas like no other.

From Tuesday to Saturday (Starts at 5;30 p.m)

8 bis rue Lebon 75017 Paris

Kim’s Restaurant

Adress : 8 bis, Rue Lebon 75017 Paris

Phone: 01 45 74 20 03

E-mail Adress: Yongshikkim85@gmail.com