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Kim’s philosophy

A unique place, a passionate chef and wonderful dishes served in a cordial atmosphere. This is the guarantee to spend a very good, pleasant and relaxing moment This cooking enthusiast Chef arrived in France at the age of 25 with one goal : learn about french gastronomy. After working with Lucas Carton, Kim opened his restaurant in the Ternes’s market, rue Lebon.

His Korean cooking is like no others, it can be recognized from its specialties, but also his way of cooking meats wich are simmered in sauces before being captured, roasted and often served on a hot iron plate.

Kim’s philosophy is based on the assimilation of French gastronomy at its Korean gastronpmy. Always looking for new dishes, Kim constantly sets new creations, like his famous beef sliced where he perfectly mix Asian flavors and local ingredients.

Always looking for new flavors, Kim creates his own homemade sauces with which he cooks his specialties. Meat, mixed vegetables, all the ingredients are selected by him. Also, the market of Ternes offers him a fertile ground in search of perfection and new tastes.

Beyond its kitchen, the restaurant is designed at his own image, his cultural richness: Visitors will be surprised at the sight of books from French author rdisplayed on his free library access, artistic paintings adorning the walls of its restaurant, and prizes for the best work of psychoanalysis novels.

Kim wants to make his restaurant a unique place out of the ordinary, which his two cultures are lovingly crosses.

Also, all the waiters are wonderfully friendly, welcoming and warm. They are true ambassadors of this spectacular universe and they are always available to advise the client in search of new flavors.

Kim’s Restaurant

Adress : 8 bis, Rue Lebon 75017 Paris

Phone: 01 45 74 20 03

E-mail adress: